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Home Organiser

A "neat freak" certified professional home organiser, also the three adopted rabbits' mum. Currently a freelance writer who is still in the media field.

Having been involved in producing stories of different profiles in my previous job, and volunteering to declutter hoarders, makes me realise that everyone deserves a better and quality living space if they know the power of organising before everything gets nasty.


I'm born with a gene that loves to organise. The process of turning chaos into order gives me a sense of accomplishment. Hideko Yamashita inspired me a lot throughout my minimalist journey, and I learned that tidying isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency. Reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and that's where the starting point for a better quality of life.


Now, I wanted to share the benefits of tidying and organising with you.

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